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Warrenton, MO Trane Dealer

Randy and Doris Polston have lived in the Warrenton area for many years and have hundreds of satisfied customers. Are you having problems with your furnace, air conditioner, or heat pump? Are you a little leery of calling an HVAC contractor because you’re afraid they might sell you an upgraded system that you don’t really need? How can you find a Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) professional that you can trust? Your concerns may be well-founded. Some big-city HVAC contractors provide incentives for their employees to sell more high-value items. This can lead an unscrupulous employee to recommend a new unit when perhaps a less costly repair would be more appropriate.

 Polston Heating and Cooling has built a reputation over many years as a trustworthy hometown company. When Randy comes out to diagnose your problem, he looks for simple, inexpensive fixes that can get you going again, with no pressure. If major repairs are needed, and the parts exist to make the repair, Randy will sit down with you and discuss your options – but the decision is up to you. You’ll never be hit with a sales pitch to upgrade a perfectly good unit in order to achieve a sales quota.

Polston Heating and Cooling, LLC – the name you can trust!

“We have relied on Polston Heating and Cooling for our residential service for a number of years. Randy and his crew have always been reliable, friendly, professional and knowledgable. What else could one ask for? Recommended very highly.”

Gary B.

“For years, Randy would come out and nurse our old Singer HVAC unit back to life when it malfunctioned, at a reasonable cost. Under his care, that thing lasted almost 40 years! Every repair lasted longer than expected, until finally we squeezed the last ounce of life out of it.

When the time finally came to replace it, we never considered calling any other HVAC firms. Randy and his team took care of us, and we’re happy with our new Trane.”

Steve F